Netizens share their thoughts on IVE’s long-awaited comeback “After Like”

Netizens shared their thoughts on IVE’s long-awaited comeback album “After Like“.

On August 22, one netizen took to an online community platform and created a post titled, “How about IVE’s new song AFTER LIKE?“.

In response, some of the netizens’ comments included:

The sentiment of city pop around the turn of the century… I particularly enjoy the section where the chorus is softly spoken following the fall rap.

The song has both a classic feel and a second-generation feel, so it’s good for people who want to feel fancy and people who want to feel like they’re back in the good old days.

To be honest, it was even better than I had hoped.

The melody is somewhat archaic.

Seeing the good responses on the board, I think it’s gooey.

“Love Dive” is too strong.

I remember thinking, “What is this?” the first time I heard it. Since it doesn’t feel like this, I think the more I listen to it, the more I’ll like it hahaha.

It feels like a 2nd generation female idol song.

It’s a little lighter than “Love Dive” and “Eleven“, but it’s addictive.

It’s fine and good. When I listen to the song, I don’t feel any regrets, but I don’t think there’s anything new and different about it yet.

How hard is it to be a female idol these days when Starship doesn’t even watch the MVs of other companies? It’s too different from the BlackPink or NewJeans MVs that came out.

It seems to be of lower quality than “Eleven” and “Love Dive“… I like city pop, but the rap part was a little bit rough.

I like city pop… It’s too trot-like and it’s not good ㅜㅜ My younger brother said it was weird ㅜㅜ The melody is also rustic ㅜㅜ.

I’m not sure if this was done on purpose, but it has a rustic feel.

I’m not a fan, but my taste is the best song out of all the songs IVE released so far.

In general, it’s better than “Hype Boy“, “Attention” and better than “Pink Venom“.

What are your thoughts on IVE‘s comeback album “After Like”?



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