RED VELVET’s Yeri and AESPA’s Karina Interaction That Shows They Are Good As Friends

RED VELVET’s Yeri and Aespa’s Karina have recently been seen hanging out together, which is making fans of both groups gush over how cute they are as friends.

During “SMTOWN Live 2022: SMCU Express“, fans could watch Yeri and Karina interact in a cute way as they stood next to each other in front of the crowd. As they stood next to each other and talked during the show, the two idols seemed to get along very well.

Fans even saw them laughing together, and one picture captured a funny moment when they were deeply staring into each other’s eyes.

At the same time, a post in an online community went viral, and netizens showed their mixed reactions.

But she still treats Soshi like a maknae. I really can’t believe that Yeri‘s older.

So you’re saying Yeri is the unnie?

Joy also talked about when Aespa gave her an album on her Instagram, and this video shows that there doesn’t seem to be any trouble between the two groups. So it’s silly for people to make up rumors that they hate each other.

Karina is, in fact, very pretty (OP is comparing her to Yeri)

Yeri is seriously the turtle style. So cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

Wow, look at how different RV and Karina‘s faces are…. Karina‘s face is very small and round.

Why does Joy’s smile in the back look so nice?

Gasp… Yeri is my RV bias and seeing their friendship is freaking nice..ㅠ

She always seems to want to be friends with the smart kids.

What are your thoughts on the post about Yeri and Karina‘s encounter?



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