BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Playing With His Toddler Nephew Is Too Cute To Be Missed

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon recently became an uncle, and he loves his new nephew a lot.

On August 16, G-Dragon posted a photo to his Instagram story with the words “Who is this, who is our Eden?

Eden, who is G-Dragon‘s nephew, is seen in the photo crying a lot. G-Dragon showed how his nephew felt by writing “Send me home” on a picture of his nephew.

He loves his nephew so much that he thought he was cute even when he was crying.

Kwon Dami, who is G-Dragon‘s older sister, married actor Kim Min-jun in October 2019 and had a son in February 2020. It was already known that G-Dragon was holding his nephew, Eden.

In April, G-Dragon released BIGBANG‘s new song “Still Life” as a full group for the first time in four years.



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