BTS’ RM Surprises Fans by Flaunting His Unexpected Friendship With Lee Jin Wook

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BTS’ RM (Kim Nam Joon) boasted an unexpected friendship.

On the afternoon of August 16th, RM posted a picture on his Instagram story without any caption.

In the published photo, RM and actor Lee Jin Wook were posing in front of a cafe and taking a photo.

When the two met unexpectedly, netizens showed a reaction such as, “RM became an insider.” “Is he connected because he’s close to Park Hyo-shin?” and “What combination is this??“.

Meanwhile, RM, who was born in 1994 and turned 28, recently announced through a podcast that he plans to create a space to show his works someday.

He has recently been spending time certifying that he has been to various exhibitions.



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