Somi In Her Simple Makeup Radiates Her Unrivaled Beauty Which Fans Think Is More Pretty Than Her With Heavy Makeup

Somi exuded an anti-war charm.

Twelve days ago, Somi wrote on her Twitter, “If you have a good day today, it’s the weekend ♥ All the bundles are looking at the pictures of Somi, fighting yo” and posted two photos.

In her photo, Somi caught her attention by showing her aegyo by sitting in her car seat, blowing her flower smile, and gently closing one of her eyes.

In particular, she took off her makeup a little more than usual to bring out her innocent look, and her distinctive white jade skin and cute puppy eyes stood out.

Meanwhile, Somi was active with songs such as ‘XOXO‘ and ‘DUMB DUMB‘ last year.



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