Suzy In Her Simple Outfits And Light Makeup Proves That Simplicity Is Beauty

Suzy showed off her elegant beauty.

On August 12th, on Management Soop’s official Instagram, three photos were posted and the caption, “Princess appears. Come and play at the commercial shooting site of Suzy, the humanized actor of ‘Elegance’!”

In the published photo, Suzy is working on a commercial shoot.

Suzy, who wears a variety of outfits from her suit to her dress, is showing off her elegant and innocent beauty enough to remind her of a picture.

Suzy recently appeared in the Coupang Play series ‘Anna‘. ‘Anna‘ is the story of a woman who starts living a completely different life from a small lie.

In addition, Suzy is in the Netflix series ‘The Girl Downstairs‘. She was on the lookout for a female lead.

The Girl Downstairs‘ is a work that tells the story of retired idol Lee Doo-na and Lee Won-jun, a freshman in college, living together in a share house.



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