Ex EXO Member Kris Resumes Social Media Activities After Being Hiatus For A Very Long Time

It was reported that Kris, a former member of the group EXO, was released from prison on charges of sexual assault of a minor.

On August 10th, Taiwan’s Jungcheon Quejeom TV reported that a new photo had been uploaded to Kris‘ Facebook account, who was arrested on charges of sexual assault of a minor in August last year.

On July 28th, Kris changed his Facebook profile picture and uploaded it again. In the published photo, Kris was riding a board in the snow.

Some are speculating that Kris has already served his sentence and has been released.

Also, there is an opinion that social media activities as soon as he is released are a move to return to the entertainment industry.

Kris was previously arrested in China in August last year on charges of raping a minor.

He was reported to have had sex with a minor A at a party held at his house before filming the music video for his new song in December 2020, around 7 in the morning when all the attendees left.

At that time, he invited Mr. A to attend the party, taking advantage of the interview with the female lead in the new song’s music video. He also deposited 30,000 yuan (5.33 million won in Korean Won) to Mr. A for shopping.

Kris debuted in 2012 as a member of SM Entertainment’s group EXO. Afterward, in 2014, he filed a lawsuit to confirm the non-existence of the exclusive contract and left the team.

After that, he moved to China and worked as a singer and actor. He is currently listed as a member of ‘EXO-M’ on his profile on a large domestic portal site. He disappeared from ‘EXO‘.

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