Videos Of Several YouTubers Allegedly Making Fun of “Woo Young Woo” Goes Viral As Netizens Express Outrage

Several YouTubers were criticized by Netizens for parodying scenes from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

On July 18, a forum post titled “YouTubers who were involved in the ‘caricature of autism’ controversy for copying Woo Young Woo” was published.

Here, the netizen lists several instances in which YouTubers uploaded content in which they were depicted imitating Woo Young Woo‘s personality traits from the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“.

Woo Young Woo is a brilliant lawyer who falls within the autistic spectrum. Actress Park Eun Bin portrays Woo Young Woo using a particular manner of speech and walking, a special interest in whales, the constant use of headphones to listen to music, and a rigid method of eating Korean kimbap.

Nonetheless, the YouTubers began to receive a great deal of criticism from their audience. Numerous critics stated that the YouTube videos appeared to make fun of people with autism spectrum disorder.

One YouTuber has uploaded a YouTube Shorts video in which they act out the various characteristics of a person who is “completely absorbed” in the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The characteristics include extreme eye opening, headphone use, a sudden interest in whales, and vertical kimbap consumption.

In the TikTok video that was tweeted below, a woman in an apron tells her husband to eat so that she can be a good wife who doesn’t starve her husband. Throughout the video, however, the woman is audibly imitating Woo Young Woo‘s speech pattern, a trait sometimes observed in people with autism spectrum disorder.

After receiving harsh criticism from numerous viewers, both YouTubers posted an apology for their videos.

In response, several netizens commented: “Aren’t they crazy?“, “They must be using the drama’s popularity to their advantage lol“, “They have a lot to say in their letter of apology lol. They act like they know everything. There’s no way out of this, lol“, “This makes me want to throw up. I’m usually too lazy to do this, but this time I actually pressed the ‘report’ button“, “How could they…?“, “As the family member of someone with a disability, I’ve seen too many situations like this, so I can skip the first one. But the second one makes me really mad“, “How many times do we have to tell them not to act like people who are thought to be less fortunate? Before making the drama, a lot of time and thought was probably put into it. How can [the YouTubers] just make fun of that? Their ideas are too simple“, “They keep saying that they didn’t make fun of them until the end lol“.



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