Lee Jung Jae And Kim Go Eun Win Best Actor And Best Actress At 2022 Blue Dragon Series Awards

Lee Jung Jae for “Squid Game” and Kim Go Eun for “Yumi’s Cells” won Best Actor and Best Actress at the “Blue Dragon Series Awards.”

On July 19th, Incheon Paradise City Chroma held the “Blue Dragon Series Awards.

As it was an awards ceremony for domestic dramas and entertainment programs produced and invested in by Netflix, Disney Plus, Season, Apple TV Plus, Watcha, Wave, Kakao TV, Coupang Play, and TVing, prominent actors attended and lit up the event.

Lee Jung Jae, who caused the “Squid Game” syndrome, won the long-awaited award for Best Actor.

The Best Actress award went to actress Kim Go Eun, who performed sensibly and delicately in “Yumi’s Cells“.

The two were ecstatic to win the inaugural Blue Dragon Series Awards, and their acceptance speech reflected their delight.

Lee Jung Jae expressed gratitude as follows: “I am grateful to my domestic and international fans. And Jung Woo Sung, the CEO of our agency’s artist company, was honored with a prize.

Kim Go Eun stated, “I did not prepare my acceptance speech,” and went on to say, “I won the Rookie of the Year award at the same Blue Dragon, and it is more meaningful because I received it after exactly 10 years“.

D.P.” won the Best Picture Award in the Drama category, while “EXchange” won the Best Picture Award in the Entertainment category.



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