AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk Launches YouTube Channel And Uploads First Vlog Which Netizens Find Very Hillarious

Lee Chan Hyuk of AKMU started a youtube channel.

From the first post, it’s not serious.

Lee Chan Hyuk announced this news through his Instagram on July 6th.

@leechanhyukvideo I started YouTube. The title of the first video is ‘A Night Drive with Lee Chan Hyuk (20 minutes)’ Thank you.” he said.

In the video released together, part of the second YouTube post was included. This is a scene where Lee Chan Hyuk is driving while in the back seat of an open car.

Lee Chan Hyuk is sitting expressionlessly while wearing his headset and sunglasses. For 20 minutes he has no words or actions. He doesn’t even hear music. It’s all the rustling wind.

On the other hand, Lee Chan Hyuk‘s first post is a video titled ‘Camera Test’. There is a scene in which he sat in front of a laptop camera, drawing a V or flying a heart, and filming it from behind.

Although there is no particular content, Lee Chan Hyuk raises expectations for the content to be presented in the future.

Those who saw the video showed a warm reaction. Red Velvet Yeri cutely checked him by saying, “YouTube rivals?” Zion T made everyone laugh by saying, “The autonomous driving technology is awesome.”

Other netizens commented, “It’s really funny…” Comments such as “It’s like watching 90’s modern art” “I’m more grateful” “Honest video that perfectly matches the video title” “You are the best” “Tell me the title of the song you’re listening to” “Is it a composite?” were posted by netizens.

Meanwhile, Lee Chan Hyuk recently performed ‘FREE SMILE’ with Lee Hyori in ‘Seoul Check-in’ OST Part 10.

Watch the video here:



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