Park Eun Bin Shares The Preparations She Had For Her Role In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, “I had no idea how to act…”

Actress Park Eun Bin drew attention by mentioning how she prepared to act as an autism lawyer.

Park Eun Bin attended the production presentation of the ENA drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ (hereinafter ‘Woo Young-woo’) held at Lotte Cinema in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on June 29th of last month. Park Eun Bin played a genius lawyer with autism spectrum disorder in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘.

According to the report of Xports News that day, Park Eun-bin opened her mouth cautiously, saying, “When I first received the script, I had no idea how to act.”, and she added, “I thought I shouldn’t have prejudices, and I had a question about whether acting itself was okay. The basic idea was that I want people to feel Yeongwoo’s heart,”

She also said, “I did not want to imitate the character (with autism spectrum disorder) implemented through the media, so imitation was excluded as a top priority. I was afraid that I would implicitly remember real people or characters and approach them in the wrong way, so I was wrong. “

“I thought carefully about whether I might be planted.” she explained

She also said that as an actor, she met a professor in person to play a character with an autism spectrum and studied by reading the diagnostic criteria directly. Even before the full-scale filming began, she was very careful.

As if to repay his delicate and considerate efforts, ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘ is receiving explosive attention after only two episodes of airing.

According to the results of the announcement of the rankings for the 5th week of June Good Data TV’s topical drama category, ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘ achieved the feat of taking first place in the first week of broadcast, and Park Eun Bin took the first place in the topic of performer category. (See related article)

In addition, it recorded 2.0% viewership in the first two episodes, and the highest viewership rating per minute soared to 2.7% (based on Nielsen Korea paid households). This is the highest rating for an ENA channel itself.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘ depicts the survival of Woo Young Woo, who has a genius brain and an autism spectrum at the same time, and grows into a true lawyer by solving various cases.

It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM on ENA. It will also be released through seezn (season) and Netflix.



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