4 Photos That Show CL Being A “Fashionista” In K-pop Industry

Singer CL showed off her superior volume with her unconventional fashion sense.

On July 5th, CL posted several photos along with the words “A Very Cherry Day in Paris” on her official Instagram account.

In the published photo, CL wearing a unique costume with a ‘horn bra’ decoration that catches the eye at a glance and draws attention.

In particular, CL drew the admiration of fans by wearing clothes that fit her body, revealing her superior volume, and posing in a charismatic pose.

In another photo, CL showed off a horn bra fashion that made her taller and more prominent.

In the photo, CL captivated the fans with her confident pose and eyes that show off her unique and imposing charm.

Fans who saw CL, who showed off her unrivaled charm with bold fashion, showed surprise and praised her dignifiedness.

Meanwhile, CL recently attended the Schiaparelli event held in Paris, France.



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