SISTAR Soyou Shut Downs Rumors Linked To Her Saying That She Bought Cigarettes And Had A Drink With A Guy

Soyou, a former member of the group SISTAR, explained the rumors surrounding her.

On the 5th episode of SBS’s ‘Shoes off, Stones for Men’ aired on July 5th, Soyou and the group ‘Super Junior’ Kim Hee Cheol and ‘Girls’ Generation’ Hyoyeon appeared as guests.

On this day, Kim Heechul said, “We talked a lot during the broadcast, so let’s talk about the really hard, tiring, and annoying things as an idol one by one.”

In response, Soyou said, “In the beginning, ‘Sistar’ had a strong image, so there were all kinds of rumors.”

A report came to the company saying, I bought a cigarette at a convenience store with full makeup on, or had a man sitting on either side of me at a bar and drinking,” she added said.

A lot of people have a prejudice against idols, but if you go to an overseas concert, you share a hotel, so you’ll have a relationship there, but the number of floors is different,” she explained.

When asked if there had ever been a fight between idol members, Soyou said, “Bora and I had a fight with each other because of a misunderstanding.”

When I went to the bathroom after choosing a stage outfit, my sister was wearing it. It was because she didn’t know what I had chosen first. “, she explained.

She continued, “I couldn’t tell her to take it off, so I went outside to cool off for a while, but the door was slammed because of the wind. and released it,”.



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