Discover These K-Pop Groups That Had Controversial Win On Music Shows

The groups that caused fierce controversy when winning the weekly trophy. 
(Photo: Mnet)

The weekly trophy on music shows is a guarantee of the successful debut or comeback of Korean idols. 

However, many times the broadcaster that organizes the program presents controversial awards, even being accused of cheating. 

This makes the victories of the idols gradually lose value, not being fully happy.

Kep1er and Nayeon (TWICE)

Music Bank results are controversial because Nayeon lost to rookie Kep1er. (Photo: KBS2)

Recently, on the show Music Bank , Kep1er suddenly won against Nayeon (TWICE).

 Worth mentioning, that the song UP! of the rookie group has reached a maximum of 6000.

This is also the final decisive number. 

However, the audience is currently suspecting fraud, because Nayeon is a female idol with high coverage, as evidenced by her digital score and album sales are very stable even though solo.

Fans suspect Kep1er of cheating on the hotspot. (Photo: KBS)
Nayeon inherently has high coverage and is stable in both digital music and album sales. (Photo: MBC)

LE SSERAFIM and Lim Young Woong

LE SSERAFIM suddenly won against senior Lim Young Woong. (Photo: KBS)

LE SSERAFIM is probably the most scandalous rookie of K-pop Gen 4. In addition to Kim Garam’s “university sister” noise, the group is also suspected of cheating on the score on Music Bank program when winning over senior, Lim Young Woong.

Accordingly, the song ” Fearless ” has recorded a broadcast score of more than 5000. While the rankings on the digital and album charts are not high, far behind the “trot prince”. Worth mentioning, despite the huge coverage in Korea, the male singer’s hotspot is a round zero. 

Before this incident, many kimchi fans and media got involved, demanding clarification of LE SSERAFIM’s victory.

The rookie girl group HYBE Labels was opposed, and even sent a petition to clarify the hotspot. (Photo: KBS)
Lim Young Woong has a high coverage in Korea, but it is difficult to understand in front of juniors. 
(Photo: Lim Young Woong)


GFRIEND received a love trophy when they lost in all categories. 
(Photo: Show Champion)

On  Show Champion, GFRIEND won over BLACKPINK, EXO-SC, Zico and Hwasa (MAMAMOO). 

However, the group received a trophy because at that time, the group’s song Apple all lost in terms of digital and album scores compared to rivals How You Like That, 1 Billion Views, Summer Hate and Maria. 

Fans thought that the trophy belonged to BLACKPINK because How You Like That’s achievement was the best at that time. 
(Photo: Pinterest)

Both Hwasa and Zico’s songs also create strong effects. 
(Photo: Pinterest)

EXO-SC is also not inferior to GFRIEND’s supposed flop song. 
(Photo: Pinterest)


BLACKPINK’s score is higher than EXO-SC’s but the show gave the wrong trophy. 
(Photo: KBS)

Music Bank is probably the most controversial music show when it comes to awarding trophies.

 Also in the comeback with How You Like That, BLACKPINK won overwhelmingly against EXO-SC. However, the show crew gave the wrong trophy to EXO-SC.

 This makes fans angry at the sloppy way of working, causing bad noise for the idols.

Fans are angry at the station’s sloppy way of working. 
(Photo: MBC)
This also causes idols to fall into a bad controversy. 
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TWICE’s hit “Cheer Up” was popular, but KBS decided to give the trophy to AOA’s “Good Luck”. 
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Like the case of BLACKPINK and EXO-SC, KBS also gave the trophy to AOA while TWICE was the winner. 

After being heavily criticized, this station admitted the error in the scoring process.

The station later admitted that there was an error in calculating the score. 
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The weekly music show trophy, even though it’s a small one, is still very important to K-pop idols. 

However, the station’s vague and negligent work makes this “credible” increasingly devalued.


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