Paid Subscribers For “Yumi’s Cells 2” Skyrockets Proving Kim Go Eun And Park Jin Young’s Overflowing Chemistry

The second season of Yumi’s Cells and the Kim Go Eun and Park Jin Young pairing are huge hits with audiences.

Despite strong expectations, the first and second episodes of the second season of Yumi’s Cells broadcast on June 10th.

It’s a continuation of the first season, which starred Kim Go Eun as Yumi, an office worker who has recently broken up with her boyfriend.

With the passage of time, her connection with coworker Bobby (played by idol actor Park Jin Young) has evolved into something that makes her heart race a little.

As in season 1, the adorable animation of “cells” within Yumi‘s head quickly captivates viewers, and this second season is quickly becoming a hot subject.

In the latest TVING stats, we can see the impact of this enormous reception. Among all TVING original dramas, “Yumi’s Cells” had the largest number of paid subscribers in its first week.

This is nearly four times the number of viewers who tuned in for the first season. “Yumi’s Cells” appears to be off to a promising start.

Actor Ahn Bo Hyun plays Yumi‘s ex-boyfriend Gu Woong in the show’s first season finale. Cell Village was raging in her thoughts, but it was not as depressing as it had been at the beginning of the season.

Cells are doing their best to keep up Yumi‘s composure without causing Yumi’s daily life to fall apart, despite the breakup being difficult.

The only other person who has noticed Yumi‘s sadness since her split is her coworker Bobby, who brings a new sense of excitement into the mix.

The cells are won over by Bobby‘s kindness to Yumi, and they organize a fan club to show their support for him, complete with t-shirts and lightsticks. But Yumi‘s “love cell” is still paralyzed by Woong‘s actions, so she cautiously rebuffed Bobby’s attempts.

In spite of this, Bobby‘s honesty, sincerity, and consideration are gradually overcoming Yumi‘s reluctance. Her two cells make her heart beat faster even if she isn’t in love with Bobby at the moment.

Sadly, just as Yumi begins to develop feelings for her coworker, she learns the surprising news that Bobby has agreed to go on a blind date with someone fresh! To show her sorrow, she looks behind her at Bobby.

Yumi‘s story has captivated viewers from the start with its little exhilaration and relatability. Bobby steals the show as a scene stealer despite the fact that “Yumi’s Cells” is a genuine love story.

Yumi and Bobby‘s flirtation and slow-burn romance keep viewers interested in the show and anxious to see where their romance goes. The cells’ antics are causing a lot of excitement because they’re competing with Bobby‘s team and Bobby‘s team against Bobby.

In addition, Kim Go Eun and Park Jin Young have a special chemistry that has made them a household name.

Aside from Kim Go Eun‘s acting ability, the actress’s post-breakup feelings have also been praised for their subtlety and ability to empathize with viewers. Bobby, played by Park Jin Young, has all the makings of a great boyfriend: he’s sympathetic, thoughtful, and obnoxiously good-looking.

Every Friday at 4 p.m. KST, “Yumi’s Cells” Season 2 premieres.



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