These “Our Blues” Behind-the-Scenes Prove There Is No Bad Blood Between Shin Min Ah and Han Ji Min

Shin Min Ah posted a video of herself and Han Ji Min having fun together.

tvN‘s weekend drama “Our Blues” wrapped up production in Seoul on June 13th, and Shin Min Ah uploaded a series of photos and videos from the set on Instagram that day. A video featuring Han Ji Min and Shin Min Ah laughing and joking with one another was particularly popular.

Han Ji Min plays Yeong Ok, Kim Woo Bin‘s love interest in “Our Blues.” In addition, viewers’ hearts were fluttering as they saw a kiss scene between them.

It’s interesting to note that Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah have made their relationship public. “Our Blues” is the first time they’ve been in the same show together. However, their lovelines diverge. Dong Seok, played by Lee Byung Hun, is in a romantic connection with Shin Min Ah‘s character Seon Ah.

Shin Min Ah thanked her fans on Instagram after the premiere of “Our Blues,” writing, “Thank you so much for watching. Seon Ah and the villagers of Purung should be satisfied.”

When it came to the sports competition scene in “Our Blues,” Han Ji Min commented under Shin Min Ah‘s post, “It was a shame that Seon Ah’s chicken battle talents were not featured.” A laughing emoticon preceded Shin Min Ah’s response: “Unnie, it’s a shame because I won all of them.”

Meanwhile, on the 12th of June, “Our Blues” concluded its run of episodes.



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