Actor Lee Min Ki Explains Why He Decided to Remain Single and Never Thought of Marrying

In an interview, Lee Min Ki once offered his candid ideas on love and relationships.

Lee Min Ki is gaining popularity as the middle Yeom brother in the ongoing buzzworthy slice-of-life drama “My Liberation Notes.”

The 1985-born actor has continued to amaze audiences with his outstanding performance, handsome features, and cold, captivating attitude.

Prior to “My Liberation Notes“, he gained praise for his roles in dramas such as “Because This Is My First Life,” “The Beauty Inside,” and “Oh! Master”,…

Lee Min Ki has worked with many famous and attractive actresses over the years, including Uhm Jung Hwa, Ha Ji Won, Son Ye Jin, Jung So Min, Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Ji Won and etc.

Off the screen, he prefers to keep his personal life private. The actor is thought to be single at the age of 37.

Lee Min Ki told Elle in a 2019 interview following the success of “The Beauty Inside” that he found it difficult to have a deep relationship.

As it becomes increasingly difficult to meet individuals and get to know them deeply“, he says, “I learn more from the roles I play, because my characters and I share the same worries“.

When I meet someone at work who is better than me, I think to myself, I wouldn’t be able to say the same if it were me. I believe I’m maturing bit by little.”

Lee Min Ki places a high value on both love and career. He stated that he wanted to feel more love, whatever or anyone he is in love with, because it makes him feel warmer.

He also stated that he intended to work nonstop. Lee Min Ki wants each drama role he takes on to be better than the one before it.

Perhaps focusing on his profession is one of the reasons he remains unmarried. 



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  1. Thank you so much for your article about Lee Min-Ki. I discovered him in Because This Is My Life via Netflix. Ever since I watched his TV series, BTIMFL, I started searching for articles and interviews with LMK in it with English subtitles. He seems very shy and works so hard to keep his personal life private. I wish he can share more about his personal life. Is he close with his parents and brother? Does he make an effort to visit them during holidays or spend time with them? Who is his favorite Hollywood actor/actress and why? Aside from Coldplay, who else he dreams of performing live on stage? Where does he spend his vacation? Did he ever try to learn English? Has he fallen in-love before? What is his favorite work-out? Who is his bestfriend? Does he travel a lot? If so, what country does he always travel to? What is his favorite Korean dish, American food, Chinese dish, Japanese, or what food puts him in a good mood? Does he go to church? Does he pray? I hope Lee Min-Ki does not take these questions as intrusion to his privacy but rather getting to know the actor that I truly admire and wish nothing but happiness, success and bliss for him always.

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