Here’s The Simple Reason Why So Ji Sub Decided To Accept His Role In “Doctor Lawyer”

I was attracted by the story of a doctor-turned-lawyer“, So Ji Sub explained.

So Ji Sub will return in MBC‘s forthcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Lawyer“, a dramatic medical and legal drama. It tells the story of a brilliant surgeon who loses everything owing to a staged operation.

He eventually returns to the legal profession and works as a prosecutor in the Medical Crimes Division.

So Ji Sub portrays the main character, Han Yi Han, a doctor-turned-lawyer with exceptional talents, sound judgment, and humanity. He is at the epicenter of a tornado of events in the drama.

So Ji Sub explained why he chose “Doctor Lawyer” to return to the small screen: “I liked the situation of being a lawyer who was formerly a doctor intriguing and interesting“, adding,”I chose it because I thought it would allow me to portray different sides of myself”.

So Ji Sub was pulled to the character Han Yi Han above anything else. “From a doctor to a lawyer, it’s the same person”, he said, “but it’s a character that shows emotions and goal consciousness that come from completely different conditions”, adding, “I believe this is a pleasant character that may show a variety of charms”.

Doctor Lawyer,” which premieres on June 3rd, will be So Ji Sub‘s first drama in four years. Previously, he gained widespread acclaim for his performance as National Intelligence Service agent Kim Bon in the 2018 mystery rom-com drama “My Secret Terrius“.



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