This Korean Male Actor Despite Having Killer Visuals Is Being Criticized Right Now For His Poor Acting Skills

Tomorrow is a movie that marks the return of Korean beauty icon – Kim Hee Sun.

The film has an impressive opening with a rating of 7.6% nationwide, sometimes reaching a rate of 15.52% in real time, but at the present time, the movie rating has dropped to an alarming level.

In episode 6, the recorded number was only 2.7%, a drop that made viewers surprised and unpredictable.

One of the reasons why Tomorrow fell into the current flop scene is said to be the bad acting of the male lead – idol Rowoon.

Originally an idol, Rowoon has not acted in many movies and this is also the first time that the male idol has been criticized for his acting.

Many viewers think that Rowoon only has a look that is completely unsuitable for the character. The way he performed makes Joon Woong’s character ridiculous and awkward.

Not to mention, the fact that Rowoon is screened too much, overpowering another male lead, Lee Soo Hyuk, also makes the audience uncomfortable.

In the film, Rowoon plays an apprentice Grim Reaper, who has to spend 6 months as a Grim Reaper specializing in rescuing people with suicidal thoughts, then the soul will be returned to the body in a deep coma due to an ear infection problem.

Appearing next to a cast of all-star names in the profession, Rowoon was judged as Tomorrow’s acting “hole”. 


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