This “10-second male actor” in “Squid Game” is continuously gaining popularity and appeared in 4 consecutive dramas

Remember at the time when Squid Game aired, even though Lee Jung Joon only showed his face for about 10 seconds, he caused a fever on the internet because of his top-notch visuals, even a series of memes were created thanks to this expensive face reveal.

In the drama, Lee Jung Joon plays one of the soldiers, because of an incident, he was forced to take off his mask.

As a result, just a few seconds after his face appeared, he was shot and killed by his superiors for revealing his identity.

Thanks to the top cameo performance, Lee Jung Joon immediately became a hit, as evidenced by the fact that after Squid Game, he continuously appeared in 4 drama, once as the main character, once as a supporting character, and twice as a guest invited.

Most recently, history repeated itself, Lee Jung Joon appeared again for a few short minutes and caused fever because of his beautiful visual in the drama Tomorrow.

In the drama, he plays the role of young Lee Young Chun, a soldier obsessed with war all his life.

When Mr. Young Chun died, all the Gods of Death came to bid him farewell, a hero who sacrificed himself for the nation.

For a brief moment, his soul reverted back to the young man he used to be, back to his mother.

Although he appeared not much, Lee Jung Joon made the audience cry with his impressive acting, especially in the scene of meeting his mother again.

Audience comments:

  • Looks familiar, turned out to be the reincarnated Squid Game soldier

-When he smiled a little, his gentle and warm type fainted, I thought who turned out to be a square-faced soldier with a prestigious visual

-The song when he met my mother said she fainted, this girl has real acting potential

-She has a little bit of appearance, but she acts better than Rowoon, I hope a good drama invites her to play the lead


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