Yoon Chan Young Confessed That Park Ji Hoo Was His First Kiss

Actress Yoon Chan Young, who is 22 this year, honestly confessed that she kissed her for the first time in his life.

On February 22, the magazine Dazed released a solo pictorial of Yoon Chan Young, who gained recognition through Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘.

Yoon Chan Young‘s vivid emotions were captured in the pictorial taken against the background of an empty house in Seoul that exudes a cozy but eerie atmosphere.

Wearing a transparent bucket hat, Yoon Chan Young showed off his neutral charm by matching a pink-tone knit vest with a pearl necklace.

Yoon Chan Young also revealed the story behind their kissing scene with Onjo (Park Ji Hoo) in ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘.

“It was actually my first time kissing. “I thought about giving my first kiss in the work, but it actually happened,” he said.

Jihoo is a high school student and I am 20 years old, but Jihoo was cooler than me.” he continued.

 “Isn’t it acting?  You can just do it,” he explained.

Yoon Chan Young, who was not used to kissing, said that he ended up giving out a try. 

Yoon Chan Young smiled, saying, “I approached Ji Hoo at the first attempt, but I couldn’t reach her because only my nose touched and my lips couldn’t reach her .”

Earlier, in an interview with Sports Chosun, Yoon Chan Young said that he had never had an unrequited love to the point of risking his life.

Yoon Chan Young said that he tried to keep in his heart by putting a sticker with Onjo’s face on the script and on his cell phone to bring out his feelings for love. 


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