Yoon Chan Young Reportedly To Guest In ‘Sixth Sense 3’

News 1 coverage on February 22 announced that Yoon Chan Young will appear as a guest on tvN’s ‘Sixth Sense 3’, which will be aired for the first time on March 11.

Sixth Sense 3‘ is an unpredictable sixth sense delusion variety that seeks fakes that are more real than the real ones hidden in the real world. Yoo Jae Suk, Oh Nara, Lee Sang Yeob, Jeon S Min, Jessie, and Mi Joo‘s ‘sister-in-law chemistry’ and a feast of fakes that are more real than real, both the 2020 season 1 and the 2021 season 2 gathered topics and received great love from viewers.

While the third season broadcast has been confirmed and is attracting a lot of attention, the first guest, Yoon Chan Young, who became a popular actor with the Netflix original series ‘Now at Our School’, recently finished recording, adding to expectations. Attention is focused on what kind of performance Yoon Chan Young will show as the first guest of the third season, which introduces a new system called a hidden spy.

From this season, unlike last season, where fakes were searched for in individual matches, each time the correct answer is answered in a team match with a spy who hides his identity. In the end, result, if the fake is revealed, the spy and the crew lose; if the fake is not revealed, the spy and the crew win. The spy who knows the answer but hides his identity and deceives the members, and the struggle of the members to overcome it and find the fake is a part that foreshadows laughter.


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