Kim Beom Shares His Thoughts as He Says Goodbye to ‘Ghost Doctor’

Ghost DoctorKim Beom expressed his feelings about the end of the movie. 

On February 22nd, the agency King Kong by Starship released several photos along with Kim Beom‘s thoughts on the end of his career as a cardiothoracic resident “Go Seung Tak” in tvN‘s Monday-Tuesday drama “Ghost Doctor“. 

Kim Beom said through his agency, “Hello, I’m actor, who played the role of Go Seung Tak in Ghost Doctor“, adding, “First of all, I think I was able to finish ‘Ghost Doctor‘ with good energy because so many people liked it and cheered for me“. 

Kim Beom then expressed his affection for the surgical scene, saying, “I spent a lot of time in the hospital while filming, especially the scene of the operating room“, adding, “I went back and forth between the ice and said I saw Ghost, and I felt a sense of accomplishment that I did it with Professor Cha Young Min (Jeong Ji Hoon)“. 

Finally, Kim Beom expressed his gratitude to those who worked together, saying, “I would like to thank the director, writer, all actors, staff, and teachers of advice“. In addition, he said, “Thank you again for your support, and I will greet you with a new look. This has been resident Go Seung Tak“, he said, wrapping up his ending remarks with a thank-you message to viewers and a character-specific greeting. 

Through “Ghost Doctor“, Kim Beom created an all-time character with his ability to digest regardless of genre. Not only does he use various medical terms naturally, but he also delicately expresses changes in characters going back and forth between possessed states to enhance the persuasive power of fantasy.

In addition, Kim Beom not only densely depicted Seung Tak‘s growth history, but also learned comedy using ad-libs, giving laughter and impression to the home theater. As a result, attention is focused on the final story that Kim Beom, who has completed a successful acting transformation, will draw in “Ghost Doctor” ahead of the final episode. 

Meanwhile, the final episode of tvN‘s Monday-Tuesday drama “Ghost Doctor“, featuring Kim Beom, Jung Ji Hoon, Yui, and Son Na Eun, will air at 10:30 p.m. today (February 22nd, Tuesday).



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