Park Shin Hye Targeted With Extreme Hate Comments From Chinese Netizens After Her Hanbok Post

Actress Park Shin Hye received malicious comments from some Chinese netizens after she released a photo wearing a hanbok.

On February 12th, Park Shin Hye posted a picture of herself wearing a hanbok with the caption, “I thought I wore it without a circle when I was taking pictures of the upper house, but it’s still good to wear it“.

In the photo, Park Shin Hye, dressed in a green hanbok, clasped her chin with one hand and smiled brightly, attracting attention.

However, after the photo was posted, some Chinese netizens poured malicious comments on Park Shin Hye, mixing Chinese and English. It was because she posted a picture of hanbok.

They said, “Isn’t Hanbok an improvement of traditional Chinese clothing?” and “Hanbok is a traditional Chinese clothing that evolved from clothing“.

In addition, they left several vomiting emoticons and inverted thumb emoticons to express their displeasure at Park Shin Hye wearing a hanbok.

Korean netizens who saw this responded with reactions such as “I’m tired of swearing now” and “Is there a reason for this in every picture of celebrities wearing hanbok? and expressed their dislike“.

Meanwhile, at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, a woman wearing a hanbok appeared as one of the ethnic minorities in China, causing controversy.

In response, many stars, including Han Sang Jin, Lee Jon Hyuk, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon, and BTSSuga, posted pictures of themselves wearing hanbok, emphasizing that the hanbok belongs to Korea.



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