Actress Park Bo Young Shows Fans How She Celebrates Her Birthday

Actress Park Bo Young expressed her gratitude.

On the 12th, Park Bo Young‘s official SNS released a photo of Park Bo Young along with a caption “Thank you“. In the picture, she is wearing a cone hat and a flower cup with a cake eaten by breaking it with a hammer on fruit tables such as strawberries and tomatoes. Attention is focusing on what’s inside the cake.

Nicknamed “Bbo-vely” by combining Park Bo Young‘s “Bo” and Lovely’s “Bbo-vely“, she seems to express her gratitude to those who celebrated her birthday on February 12. Fans who saw this responded with countless hearts. 

Meanwhile, Park Bo Young chose the movie “Concrete Utopia” as her next film. “Concrete Utopia” is a disaster thriller about Seoul, which has been devastated by a major earthquake, and the only remaining “Hwanggung Apartment” that begins with survivors gathering.



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