Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook Spotted Filming A Sweet Wedding Scene And Netizens Went Crazy

Singer Kim Jong Guk and actress Song Ji Hyo, who are active as “Kook-Meong Couple” in “Running Man“, filmed a sweet wedding scene.

On February 2nd, the last episode of Disney+‘s original “Running Man: The One Playing on the Runner” was released. The broadcast revealed the scene where Ha-ha, who perfectly transformed into a music video director, collaborated with the members of “Running Man” to shoot a music video.

In the episode, Kim Jong Guk and Song Ji Hyo, the official couple of Running Man, showed a strange atmosphere under Ha-ha‘s bold directing, such as “Make a light smile and then turn around and hug Ji Hyo” and “Give Ji Hyo a hug.”

Romance addictHa-ha continued to ask for high-intensity touches such as kissing and holding, but the two perfectly performed it and showed off their chemistry that could be trusted even if they were a real couple.

In particular, when filming the wedding scene, their sweet appearance stood out.

Song Ji Hyo, wearing a neat short-sleeved mini-dress and a cotton cloth, showed off her visuals as if they were from a movie.

Kim Jong Guk, wearing a white tuxedo, also showed a perfect combination with Song Ji Hyo by showing off his dandy charm, unlike his usual muscular masculinity.

They, who shot a dizzying kiss scene almost touching or not, made viewers excited by their appearance as if they were actually getting married.

At their appearance, Ji Seok Jin and Ha-ha also certified their good relationship, saying, “I want the two to go out,” and “Isn’t it the marriage of the century if they get married?

In addition, Kim Jong Guk‘s face turned red when filming a scene where they looked at each other and laughed, and Song Ji Hyo made fun of it lightly, forming a large number of “mang-bung“.

The two were lying in bed with knee pillows and naturally playing with their feet, giving off their charm as if they were newlyweds.

In addition, even during the break from filming, they hugged each other tightly and had a sweet daily conversation, giving off a strange atmosphere outside the screen, making the wedding scene even more popular.

The music video filming site, where Kim Jong Guk and Song Ji Hyo played the main characters, can be found in Disney+Running Man: The One Playing on the Runner.”



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