Yoo Seung Ho Revealed As One Of The Highest Paid Child Actors 20 Years Ago

Actor Yoo Seung Ho‘s touching story has been revealed.

The channel IHQSecret News Room“, which aired on February 5th, introduced the story of Yoo Seung Ho, a former child actor.

On this day’s broadcast, Yoo Seung Ho‘s child performance fee was revealed. Yoo Seung Ho received the highest appearance fee among child actors, and the movie appearance fee in early and mid-2000’s was at least 30 million won. When he was in high school, he already received an adult actor’s fee.

Whenever Yoo Seung Ho entered the work, he also suggested to the production crew to respect child actors. He said that he carried snacks around the filming site and distributed them to child actors, and comforted the child actors who was struggling due to the long waiting time.

Actor Kim Hyung Ja, who was watching this, said, “I’m proud of the cute kid growing up warmly.”



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