Netizens Reacts To “Single’s Inferno” Shin Ji Yeon Posted A Selfie With A Bouquet Of Flowers Says “Did you receive it from Moon Se Hoon?”

When Netflix‘s original “Single’s InfernoShin Ji Yeon posted a bouquet of flowers on SNS, attention was drawn.

Shin Ji Yeon posted a photo on her Instagram on February 5th with a caption saying, “Okay ♥“.

The released photo shows Shin Ji Yeon taking a selfie with a bouquet of flowers.

On this day, she caught the eye by smiling and boasting her superior visuals. In particular, a small face the size of a fist, big eyes, and a high nose bridge drew admiration.

She also caught the eye by showing off her clear skin without blemishes and creating a unique innocent atmosphere.

When the photo was released, netizens continued to speculate that the person who gave the bouquet was Moon Se Hoon, who appeared in “Single’s Inferno” together.

Netizens left comments on Shin Ji Yeon‘s Instagram, such as “Did you receive it from Moon Se Hoon?“, “Are you dating Moon Se Hoon?”, “I guess it was a gift from Moon Se Hoon“, and “If you’re dating, I really agree.”

Earlier on February 4th, when asked if he was dating in a YouTube video, Moon Se Hoon gave a confusing answer, saying, “I’m always full of love.”

Shin Ji Yeon and Moon Se Hoon drew attention as they were matched as the final couple in “Single’s Inferno“. Since then, the two have not expressed their position on whether they have developed into real lovers, raising questions.

Meanwhile, Shin Ji Yeon gained huge popularity in “Single’s Inferno” for her innocent appearance, superior body, and anti-war academic background. Recently, she has been actively communicating with fans through Instagram and YouTube.



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