Netizens Defend Song Jia Over Kang Yong Seok Revealing Her Bare Face Says “Her confidence is cool and pretty”

Lawyer Kang Yong Seok of the Garosero Research Institute caused a stir when he revealed the bare face of YouTuber Free Zia (Song Jia).

On January 23rd, lawyer Kang Yong Seok pointed out Free Zia on Facebook live, says “Don’t be fooled by makeup. The bare face of the trending Free Zia

Netizens criticized this as an intention to maliciously attack Free Zia

Lawyer Kang Yong Seok captured and released a broadcast scene of Fashion N‘s beauty program ‘Follow Me – Sincerely to your taste‘, where Free Zia appeared last year. Here comes the freesia bare face with makeup removed.

However, as a result of checking the entire broadcast video at the time, it turned out that the scene disclosed by lawyer Kang Yong Seok was only a so-called ‘some of the most unpretty scenes‘. 

Netizens who watched the broadcast commented, “She has really smooth skin. Her skin looks really good”, “There are no pores or small acne”, “It looks like it’s steamed raw fish, but it’s so pretty”, “There aren’t many celebrities who show off their raw skin confidently. Her confidence is cool and pretty,” and other comments on the ‘Follow Me‘ YouTube channel . 

The following is another scene (gif) in which Free Zia appears raw after removing her makeup.

Meanwhile, Free Zia (Song Jia) apologized for all kinds of controversies, including fake luxury goods, and announced that her activities would be suspended. On January 25th, She uploaded a video titled ‘This is Song Jia‘ on her YouTube channel.

In the video, Free Zia said, “Even though I should have been more careful as someone who runs YouTube, I used fakes to undermine the brand’s value and disappointed many people who believed in me. I turned all my channels private and reflected on it. I will do it again and give myself time to reflect. And I will hold myself accountable for my mistakes until the end.”

The following is a video of ‘Follow Me‘ featuring Free Zia.



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