Shin Ji Yeon Who Has Been Silent After “Single’s Inferno”, Delivered Really Good News

Shin Ji Yeon, who has not been active since Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno“, delivered good news.

Shin Ji Yeon posted a photo on her Instagram on January 18th with the caption, “It’s sudden, but I’m happy these days with too much love and support.”

In the published photo, Shin Ji Yeon is wearing a white dress with one shoulder exposed and holding a white flower. Although the face is invisible, it attracted attention with its unique innocent atmosphere.

On this day, she said, “There were a lot of people who asked me about my current situation, but there was no way to tell the news.”

She added, “If there is a video you want to see, please leave a comment.” “See you soon.”

When the news spread, netizens expressed their joy and showed explosive reactions.

Netizens posted on Shin Ji Yeon‘s Instagram, “Please take a date vlog with Sehun”, “Are you dating right now? That’s what I’m most curious about”, “I’m waiting”, “Please do a vlog at Sehun’s restaurant”, “I’m curious about the current situation with Sehun. “ and so on.

Shin Ji Yeon gained great popularity in “Single’s Inferno” for her innocent appearance, superior body, and anti-war academic background. In addition, she attracted attention by matching her as the final couple with Moon Se Hoon, who actively courted him.

Whether the two have developed into real lovers after “Single’s Inferno” has not revealed any particular position on their current relationship, raising curiosity.



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