Actress Han So Hee Stuns With Top-Notch Visuals For Allure Magazine Pictorial

Actress Han So Hee showed off her dreamlike charm.

On January 18th, ‘Allure‘ released a pictorial with Han So Hee. Han So Hee in the pictorial released on this day caught the eye with her clothes that boldly exposed her shoulders. In particular, the picture of the person turning to the side and staring at the camera only shows the shoulder area, creating the illusion that he is not wearing a top.

In the photo that follows, a dark red lip and makeup that reveals deep eyes rob people of attention.

Allure‘ said, “In a survey conducted by targeting 300 MZ generation who are interested in beauty in preparation for the February beauty special issue, 48% of the respondents answered the question ‘Which beauty muse do you think is the prettiest these days?’”

Han So Hee is performing various colors of romance with the upcoming romance music cinema ‘Soundtrack #1‘ following ‘Nevertheless‘ and ‘My Name‘.



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