Actress Shin Ye Eun Couldn’t Hold Back Her Tears After Receiving Birthday Greetings From Her Favorite Soccer Player

Actress Shin Ye Eun shed tears after receiving Koo Ja Cheol‘s voice message.

On KBS Cool FM‘s ‘Raise the volume of Shin Ye Eun‘, which was broadcast on January 17th, Shin Ye Eun received a surprise message from Koo Ja Cheol.

After the phone call, the words “Hello, Yeeun-ah” came out, and Shin Ye Eun was startled. When she found out that the person of the message was Koo Ja Cheol, Shin Ye Eun was so shocked and surprised. Shin Ye Eun covered her mouth and was moved.

Shin Ye Eun is well known as an avid fan of Koo Ja Cheol. She is the only one following Koo Ja Cheol other than her agency and the official Instagram account of ‘Turn up the volume‘.

In the broadcast, Koo Ja Cheol said, “Happy New Year and thank you for always cheering me on. When I see you, you always look bright and have good energy, so I hope you can confidently take your personality and style no matter what anyone says”. The day after the broadcast, January 18th, was Shin Ye Eun‘s birthday.

When Shin Ye Eun heard this, she burst into tears. Shin Ye Eun, unable to hold back her tears, finally cried.


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