Jung Hae In Shared That His Acting In “Something in the Rain” Was Based On His Personal Experience

Actor Jung Hae In revealed an anecdote that he had no choice but to endure even if his spine cracked in fear of losing his role when he was a rookie. He also shared that his acting in Something in the Rain was based on his personal experience.

Jung Hae In appeared as a guest on tvN’s entertainment program “House on Wheels 3”, which aired on December 30th. On the broadcast that day, Sung Dong Il asked Jung Hae In, “How old are you this year?” Jung Hae In answered, “I’ll turn 35 next year” and added that he is 34 years old this year.

Kim Hee Won said, “Now I get what Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (literal translation of Something in the Rain) means. Everyone would love to buy you a meal to spend time with you.” Jung Hae In replied with a shy smile on his face, “I am very glad that I starred in Something in the Rain because many people loved the series and recognized me for the role that I played. The bicycle scene was especially memorable for me.”

Sung Dong Il asked Jung Hae In if the scene was based on his own experiences, and Jung Hae In answered, “Of course. I think everyone is likely to have a similar experience. While acting, I tried to recall the tingling excitement that I felt when I just started seeing someone.”

The actor also referred to his rookie days, “It was my debut work, and there was a scene where I was drinking wine at a bar. I was so nervous that I turned into ice like a robot. Once I was criticized, I couldn’t even say the lines I practiced. At that time, I thought the staff were the ones who would eat me up. I felt like I was taking a test.”

Besides, Jung Hae In explained the situation in which he endured an injury and kept acting in fear of losing his role when he was a rookie. The actor confessed, “I fell off the horse while filming a historical drama. My spine cracked, but I tried to hide it. I was afraid that the casting would change if I said anything. So I just put up with it.”

Upon hearing this, Sung Dong Il advised Jung Hae In as a senior actor, “I think it’s important not only for actors, but for everyone to be desperate. However, it’s not important that you look good on screen. You have to be careful not to get hurt.”

All the cast members expressed their surprise at the fact that Jung Hae In did not reveal his injury in order to protect his role during his rookie days.



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