Actress Han So Hee Wore This ‘Mini Bag’ In ‘2021 Asian Artist Awards’ And Netizens Freaked

Actress Han So Hee appeared wearing this mask with a stylish fashion, and netizens jaws dropped.

Han So Hee attended the red carpet event of the 2021 Asian Artist Awards held at KBS Arena Hall in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of December 2nd and had a photo time with her.

On this day, she showed off her chic charm in a black dress with styling that emphasized one shoulder line and one leg. With makeup that emphasizes the eyes overall, it has restraint and sophistication.

All artists wore masks and took off their masks for a while only for photo time. Han So Hee also erupted in cheers when she took off her dot-shaped black mask similar to the dress pattern. In particular, she hung her mask strap on her finger to make it look like a ‘mini bag’.

In fact, the entertainment media Ten Asia even sent out a photo article titled “Han So Hee’s holding a cute mini bag”. Online community Theku users also said, “I thought it was a mask mini bag”, “I thought it was a bag, of course, Han So Hee (mask)”, “I thought it was a real bag”, “Is it a mask?”, “I knew it after reading the comments”, “I thought it was a special bag” and so on.

After his photo time, Han So Hee posted a picture of herself taking a selfie on her Instagram. She described the photo with an emoticon that means cold.

Han So Hee recently received a lot of love for her Netflix series ‘My Name‘. Recently, she confirmed her appearance in the romance music cinema ‘Sound Track #1‘, which is scheduled to be released next year.



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