Hospital Playlist’s Jeon Mi Do Collaborates With ‘Emotional Ballader’ John Park For A Winter Duet Ballad Song

‘Emotional Ballader’ John Park predicted an all-time collaboration with Actress Jeon Mi Do.

John Park will collaborate with Actress Jeon Mi Do in a duet through the new song ‘Procrastinate All Night’ to be released on December 9th. This duet was completed as Jeon Mi Do willingly responded to John Park‘s love call.

The new song ‘Procrastinate All Night’ is a winter duet ballad song about the regrets of two men and women who have parted. It is rumored that both John Park and Jeon Mi also showed perfect harmony in this song by not only expressing their excellent emotions, but also wonderfully digesting various vocal ranges.

Jeon Mi Do added warmth by participating in a duet with John Park despite her busy schedule for filming her next film. As they have always been fans of each other, the fantastic collaboration between the two is raising listeners’ expectations.

Actress Jeon Mi Do, who has already been recognized for both her acting and singing skills as a musical actress, received a lot of love as her vocalist through the OSTs ‘I Knew I’d Fall in Love’ and ‘Butterfly’ of the drama ‘Hospital Playlist’. John Park is also a trustworthy vocalist who participated in a number of drama OSTs such as the dramas ‘Yumi’s Cells‘, ‘Vincenzo‘, ‘When the Camellia Blooms‘, and ‘How to Love a City Man and Woman‘, so it is interesting to see what kind of synergy the two will create.

Earlier, on December 2nd, John Park announced the duet news of the new song ‘ Procrastinate All Night ‘ through Music Farm‘s official SNS channel on December 2nd. In the published image, the figure of John Park immersed in thought in the Polaroid and the back of his duet opponent Jeon Mi Do have been gathered, raising curiosity.

Meanwhile, John Park and Jeon Mi Do‘s new song ‘Procrastinate All Night‘ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on December 9th.



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