IU and KAI To Have Three Different Covers Each With ELLE Magazine

Artists representing K-pop, IU and Kai, adorned the cover of Elle’s November issue. The shoot was conducted under the concept of IU and Kai spending time alone in their own room. Both of them radiated various charms in a given space and worked comfortably on the shoot.

IU, who is scheduled to release her new song ‘Strawberry Moon’ on October 19, said, “I wanted to make a very easy song. I hoped it would be a song that didn’t make anyone think too much or feel sad when they heard it. I hope the fans can listen to this single with a lot of ease,” she said, expressing her love for the song.

Kai, who was recently active in an entertainment program and released his personal YouTube ‘KAIst’ through EXO’s YouTube channel, said, “I want a lot of fans to see it. Filming itself is fun. I meet various people and learn new aspects,” he said, explaining his recent move.

He also shared his thoughts on music and performance. When asked about their thoughts on experiencing various emotions through IU’s songs, IU replied, “It is the most precious decoration that cannot be replaced by anything else. Makes me a little more humble and objective.”

Kai, who released his first solo album last year, also said, “It’s more fun to arouse the viewers’ diverse thoughts than throwing out a clear concept. Anyway, interpretation is up to you. I want to become an artist who opens a new perspective for people.”

The November issue of ‘Elle’, featuring IU and Kai, will be specially released in six versions, three for each cover. IU and Kai’s pictorials, interviews, and videos can be found on the Elle website and on Elle YouTube.



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