SOMI Has Been Selected As The Model For Fashion Brand United Colors Of Benetton Korea

It’s a ‘juice taste’.

Singer Jeon Somi has been selected as the brand model for the global collection 21FW Season of the global fashion brand United Colors of Benetton.

In the recently released pictorial, Jeon Somi wears a variety of casual styling that mixes and matches knitwear with colorful colors, a down padded jumper with a neat design, and accessories featuring the Benetton logo in line with the global collection’s campaign message, ‘FIND YOUR COLOR’. suggested

It is said that Jeon So-mi surprised the field staff by constantly creating various expressions and poses like a ‘picture master’.

Jeon Somi, who is receiving a lot of love for her new song ‘Dumb Dumb’, has been recognized for her fashion sense by introducing her hip style on Instagram.

A representative of the brand said, “In order to target the MZ generation, which is the core consumer, we selected Jeon Somi, who is called a style icon to the MZ generation, as the brand model for her fresh charm and sensible styling. We have high expectations for Jeon Somi, who is attracting attention for her unique fashion.”



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