[Photos] tvN’s Upcoming Drama ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ Unveils New Stills

The chemistry between Shin Min-ah and Kim Seon-ho is raising expectations for ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha‘.

Shin Min-ah and Kim Seon-ho of tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha‘ (directed by Yoo Je-won, written by Shin Ha-eun, produced by Studio Dragon/GTist) frankly reveals their charms about each other’s characters and their thoughts on couple chemistry, drawing attention. The news that the two of them will be acting together elicited a reaction that it is the most romantic meeting, making many drama fans flutter. Since then, the two-shot of Shin Min-ah and Kim Seon-ho for each content released such as posters, teaser videos and general notices not only foretells a perfect chemistry, but also maximizes the charm of each character, stimulating the curiosity of prospective viewers infinitely. Shin Min-ah takes on the role of Hye-jin, a city woman who lacks nothing in beauty or specs in the play. Kim Seon-ho plays Du-sik, a man from a sea village who has no official job, but is an all-around man who knows nothing he can’t do and who works as a village chief. The two people, who are polarized in their lifestyles, growl and quarrel when they meet each other, but at some point they will gradually seep into each other and start to flirt. Their relationship has a heart-fluttering thrill, and it has to be accompanied by tiki-taka chemistry that will keep the romantic tension strong, so expectations and interest in Shin Min-ah and Kim Seon-ho, who are working together for the first time in this drama, are at their peak.

In this regard, Shin Min-ah and Kim Seon-ho draw attention by honestly revealing what each other’s character charms are. First, Shin Min-ah said, “‘Doo-sik’ is a warm and charming character who knows how to enjoy his life. I think Doosik’s friendly and free appearance will approach viewers with a pleasant feeling.” Next, Kim Seon-ho said, “I think that Shin Min-ah’s portrayal of the character ‘Hye-jin’ is a big attraction in itself. Hyejin seems to be a character that naturally oozes ‘loveliness’ anytime, anywhere. I think the viewers will feel happy and happy together throughout the whole time watching it.” As the two actors looked at each other’s characters in a friendly and loving way, it is even more curious whether their hearts were melted and expressed in the play.

On the other hand, the sensible responses of the two people about the chemistry between Hyejin and Dooshik that they think each other are impressive. Shin Min-ah said, “The chemistry between Hye-jin and Doo-shik is, in one word, ‘four beats’ chemistry. It fits so well. Even if it seems like they are always bickering, when difficult or difficult things happen, they get along better than anyone else. Shin Min-ah’s sense of expressing the chemistry between Hye-jin and Du-shik as ‘four beats’ in connection with the title of this drama, ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’, was an outstanding answer.

Kim Seon-ho described the chemistry between Hye-jin and Doo-shik in one word, ‘Sik-hye chemistry’. “Like the nickname ‘Sik-Hye Couple’, the chemistry between Hye-Jin and Doo-Sik is also similar to ‘Sik-Hye’. Just as I think of cool and sweet Sikhye on a hot summer day, the Sikhye couple often reminds me of you, and I want to give you a cool and sweet feeling.” At the end, he added, “Actually, I kept thinking of the nickname Sikhye couple, so I answered Sikhye Chemi.”

‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ will be broadcast for the first time on August 28 at 9 PM.



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