“We’re excited to see more of her contents” Song Jia created a new YouTube channel

Song Jia, the Korean celebrity who had temporarily put her career on hold amidst a counterfeit goods controversy, has made a comeback by launching a new YouTube channel.

On May 20th, Song Jia unveiled her YouTube channel, titled ‘THE 프리지아,’ and shared her first video with her fans.

The video’s title was ‘프리지아 NEW 채널 오픈! 근황 토크, 이사, 배찌’ (Translation: “Frigia New Channel Open! Recent Updates, Talk, Moving, Baejji”).

In the video, Song Jia expressed her heartfelt sentiments, saying, “My Fringies, you have waited for so long, haven’t you? I really missed you and sincerely appreciate all the support you have given me during my hiatus. Let’s not drift apart anymore… If there’s any specific content you want to see, please let me know in the comments! Let’s journey together again, my Puringies. I love you all.” She included a warm message along with her post.

Throughout the video,Song Jia exuded a sense of freshness and excitement as she embarked on her first YouTube venture.

She shared, “I recently moved to a new house,” revealing her transition from an apartment to a villa. The video documented the moving process, and she hinted that the next content would revolve around a ‘Moving Preparation VLOG.’

Moreover, Song Jia disclosed, “A few days ago, I enrolled Baejji in kindergarten. If he enjoys it after trying it for about a month, I plan to continue his enrollment.” She further revealed, “During my YouTube hiatus, I dedicated almost all my time to Baejji.”

Towards the end of the video, she uttered a phrase that had been seldom heard from her in the past—a direct request for subscriptions.

Song Jia implored her viewers, “In the past, I was too shy to ask for subscriptions. I didn’t even ask five times. But now, I ask you to please subscribe. Thank you for waiting. From now on, I will consistently engage with my Fringies to ensure we stay connected.”

On a different note, Song Jia recently made an announcement about signing a contract with Sublime, a subsidiary of the central group.

Sublime is an entertainment company representing renowned actors, singers, models, and influencers in South Korea.

Some notable individuals under Sublime’s management include Song Kang Ho, Ko So Young, Kim Hee Jung, Yoon Jung Hee, Ki Eun Se, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young, EXID‘s Hani, model Kim Jin Kyung, and Han Hyun Min.

Last year, Song Jia became embroiled in a controversy surrounding her use of counterfeit luxury brand bags and shoes.

As the controversy escalated, she acknowledged her use of counterfeit goods, offered a sincere apology, and took a period of self-reflection.

In June of last year, after a four-month hiatus, Song Jia made a comeback on Instagram, and earlier this year, her contract with Hyowon CNC, where actor Kang Ye-won serves as co-representative, expired.

Song Jia‘s return to the entertainment industry through her new YouTube channel marks a fresh chapter in her career, as she aims to rebuild her connection with fans and pursue her passion in content creation.



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