aespa’s Karina Shares Hair Horror Story on “Eunchae’s Star Dairy”: “My Bleached Hair Looked Like a Burnt Sparrow”

aespa‘s Karina recently made an appearance on the popular YouTube show “Eunchae’s Star Dairy” alongside fellow member Ningning.

During the episode, the two talented idols showcased their witty personalities and discussed various topics, including their latest song “SPICY.” However, it was Karina‘s revelation about her experience with blonde hair that caught the attention of netizens.

The show’s host, Hong Eunchae, expressed her excitement at having aespa as guests, confessing to being a huge fan of the group.

The members shared their love for the chorus part of their new song “SPICY” and even gave a brief demonstration of the dance routine, leaving the audience in smiles. Hong Eunchae playfully imitated their dance moves, adding a touch of humor to the episode.

Amidst the conversation, Karina opened up about her hair transformation for the “Spicy” era. Known for her stunning dark locks, Karina decided to go blonde for the comeback. However, she confessed that the process had its share of challenges.

My hair was dark colored all the time, so I changed it to blonde,” she explained. When asked if she preferred blonde or dark hair, Karina emphatically stated, “I totally prefer dark hair. I don’t think I’ll go blonde ever after this. This is the last time!

Karina further detailed the damage caused by the bleaching process, comparing her hair to a “burnt sparrow” after every shower.

She shared the distressing sight of her hair flying away while drying it, indicating the extent of damage caused by the bleaching. Ningning, who was present beside Karina, corroborated her statement, affirming the difficulties they faced with maintaining blonde hair.

Apart from their hair revelations, aespa also unveiled their hearty appetites during the show. Karina proudly proclaimed that they were “foodies” who enjoyed indulging in large quantities of food.

She mentioned an interesting incident during a group meal, where it was noted that aespa consumed more food than their male trainee counterparts, despite having fewer members. To everyone’s surprise, Karina disclosed that aespa could easily spend around 3,000,000 won on a single meal, highlighting their love for good food.

In contrast, Hong Eunchae shared a humorous detail about her group, LE SSERAFIM. According to her, they were rather selective eaters who preferred either salad or rice. She revealed that she and Sakura belonged to the “rice team” but often ended up ordering just one portion to share, leaving aespa speechless at their modest eating habits.

The netizens, always eager to engage with the latest news, had various reactions to Karina‘s statement about her blonde hair struggles.

Here are some comments from the online community:

“I can understand why Karina doesn’t want to go blonde again. Hair damage is no joke!”

“I love Karina with any hair color, but her natural dark hair is truly stunning!”

“It’s refreshing to see idols talk about the challenges they face with styling and transformations.”

“I appreciate aespa’s honesty. They always keep it real with their fans.”

“Wow, 3,000,000 won on food? I need to join aespa for a meal!”

“Hong Eunchae’s confession about her group’s eating habits is hilarious. I love the camaraderie between these idols!”

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