“We all wish to have a small forehead like her” Aespa’s Karina Shares why she have a Small Forehead Insecurity

Karina from the popular girl group aespa recently opened up about her personal insecurity regarding her small forehead. In a video released on the YouTube channel ‘Charin Doesn’t Even Have a Rat’s Horn’ on the 19th, Karina‘s interview with Lee Young-ji shed light on her complex and various aspects of her life.

During their conversation, Lee Young-ji couldn’t help but express her admiration for Karina‘s beauty.

However, she also emphasized the importance of not solely focusing on outward appearances when creating content. Nevertheless, Lee Young-ji couldn’t help but be captivated by Karina’s stunning looks.

The discussion took an interesting turn when Lee Young-ji shared an anecdote about Karina‘s sister, mentioning that Karina had described her sister’s forehead as being the size of a triangle made with the thumb and index finger.

Karina chimed in, revealing that her sister also has a small face, implying that it may be a genetic trait within their family.

Karina further revealed that her small forehead had been a significant source of insecurity for her and her family.

Even during her elementary school days, she had endured teasing and comparisons to a giraffe due to her unique facial features. These experiences have undoubtedly shaped her perspective and helped her develop a strong sense of self.

Lee Young-ji went on to compliment Karina, noting that her sister is already an accomplished actress known for her graceful style.

In response, Karina shared that her fans affectionately call her ‘Jjangulssul,’ which refers to a mischievous character from a Korean cartoon.

Despite her playful nature, Karina believes her face exudes a dew-like elegance, striking a perfect balance between innocence and allure.

When asked about her approach to life and her advice for others, Karina emphasized the importance of living without regrets.

She cherishes each day and strives to make meaningful connections with those around her. While maintaining a carefree attitude, she acknowledges the importance of maintaining proper manners and avoiding any negative behavior.

Karina also discussed her approach to managing her body shape. She sets a specific weight for herself and weighs herself daily.

If her weight exceeds the designated limit, she skips meals and wears slightly larger pants to maintain a comfortable fit.

Her lighthearted approach to body image drew laughter from both Lee Young-ji and the viewers.

In a surprising revelation, Karina confessed to being a big eater. She nonchalantly mentioned devouring an entire can of Pringles without a second thought.

From finishing a whole pizza to indulging in a full hamburger set, she unabashedly admits her love for food, including black bean noodles.

This revelation left Lee Young-ji in awe of Karina‘s capacity for food.

Reflecting on her public image and personal charm, Karina explained that she doesn’t naturally give off a gentle vibe.

Due to her distinctive appearance, she decided early on in her career to embrace her unique features as a defining charm point.

Even during her school days, she encountered numerous misunderstandings, with people often questioning why she opens her eyes so wide.

Lastly, Karina shared insights into her drinking habits. She claimed to be able to handle one and a half bottles of alcohol without needing a hangover cure.

Regardless of the amount she drinks, she always manages to return home perfectly fine. However, she humorously added that alcohol does make her slightly more affectionate towards others.

Karina‘s candid revelations and vibrant personality left Lee Young-ji and viewers alike astonished. Her journey of self-acceptance and confidence serves as an inspiration to many who face similar insecurities.

Through her honest and open demeanor, Karina continues to captivate fans with her unique charm and relatability.



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