“Is she going to debut again?” — Jinni sparks speculations amid Instagram debut months after leaving NMIXX

Former NMIXX member Jinni has made a surprise appearance on Instagram, debuting her personal account on March 18th with a simple “Hi” and a photo of herself in a brown dress and black boots.

The announcement comes months after JYP Entertainment confirmed her departure from the girl group in December 2022 due to personal reasons.

Netizens were taken aback by the unexpected news, with many expressing their surprise and curiosity in the comments section. Some even speculated whether Jinni‘s decision to join Instagram meant she would be returning to the entertainment industry.

Is Jinni not going to redebut again?” asked one fan, while another questioned, “So is she going to keep on promoting as a celebrity?

However, some netizens were skeptical about the legitimacy of the news, questioning how the original poster found out about Jinni‘s account.

How does OP know?” asked one user, while another remarked, “She didn’t even put any hashtags, how does OP know!?

Despite the confusion, many fans were thrilled to see Jinni back in the spotlight, with several commenting on her stunning appearance in the photo.

As expected, she’s pretty,” wrote one admirer. Others shared how they found out about Jinni‘s Instagram account, with one user revealing they were following her stylist, who was also following Jinni.

It remains to be seen what Jinni‘s plans are for the future, but for now, fans are excited to see her making a comeback on social media.



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