“I can’t watch it, lol” — Lee Do Hyun’s Past Advertisements Resurface as Fans Follow His Latest Success From “The Glory”

Lee Do Hyun, a rising star who recently gained attention for his role in ‘The Glory‘ part 2, has been making waves on social media once again.

A video titled “Lee Do Hyun kissing his girlfriend of two weeks” has been circulating on Instagram and other platforms, causing a stir among fans.

In the video, Lee Do Hyun and his “girlfriend” are seen kissing while trying out a new lip tint. However, it was later revealed that the video was actually an advertisement for a lip tattoo.

The actor used his real name, Lim Do Hyun, and played the role of a boyfriend who gets annoyed with lipstick marks left by his girlfriend after every kiss.

Fans and netizens had various reactions to the video, with many expressing surprise at how hard Lee Do Hyun worked before gaining fame. Some even commented on how they initially thought the advertisement was a real video.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens:

“I can see he lived a diligent life.”

“He’s so young, I guess he filmed all sorts of things before gaining fame.”

“All I can say is he lived a diligent life.”

“I know it’s an advertisement, but it still hurts my heart to see how hard he lived.”

“I can’t watch, lol.”

“Lee Do Hyun’s so cute here.”

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