Kim Sung Cheol Sticks with Story J Company, Inked His Exclusive Contract

Acclaimed actor Kim Sung Cheol has decided to stick with his current agency, Story J Company, as he recently renewed his contract.

On May 1 KST, Story J Company couldn’t hide their excitement about keeping Kim Sung Cheol on board. They stated, “We are over the moon to continue our journey with Kim Sung Cheol. We are committed to maintaining a strong bond of trust and support, and we will go the extra mile to provide him with the utmost assistance in his future endeavors.”

Kim Sung Cheol has been making waves across various media platforms with his versatile acting skills. From his roles in dramas like SBS’s ‘Do You Like Brahms?’, Studio N’s ‘Our Beloved Summer’, and Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’, he has showcased a wide range of acting chops.

Whether he’s portraying characters caught up in tender romances or bringing to life eccentric personalities with his vibrant energy, Kim Sung Cheol continues to wow audiences with his dynamic performances.

As Story J Company gears up for an action-packed second half of the year, Kim Sung Cheol’s collaboration with the agency is expected to bring in some remarkable results.



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