“Her acting is a top-notch!” — Actress Park Ji Ah’s stunning performance in “The Glory” receives attention

Park Ji Ah, who plays the role of the deadbeat mother in the second part of the Netflix series ‘The Glory‘, is receiving praise for her acting performance.

The Glory‘ follows the story of a victim of school violence seeking revenge against her attackers. Park Ji Ah’s character neglects her daughter’s pain and ruins her life.

Netizens were impressed with Park Ji Ah‘s ability to portray any character and highlighted her previous work in ‘Epitaph‘ as a mother ghost.

Many viewers are now looking forward to Park Ji Ah‘s next project.

Netizens Comments:

“Park Ji Ah’s acting is top-notch!”

“I’m blown away by her performance in ‘The Glory’.”

“She really brings her characters to life.”

“I’ve been a fan of Park Ji Ah since ‘Epitaph’.”

“I can’t wait to see what she does next!”



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