“Mr Sunshine” Actress Says Sorry For Her Divorce In A Surprising Instagram Post; Koreans Respond To The News

She said that the two of them were no longer together.

Seo Yoo Jung, a Korean actress best known for her role as a patriotic tavern owner in the 2018 drama Mr Sunshine, posted on Instagram that she had filed for divorce a long time ago.

In a post that has since been deleted, she said that she was “scared” to tell the truth, but that she thought it was right for her to be the one to tell her fans sooner or later.

Even though her now-ex-husband was not a celebrity, Seo Yoo Jung‘s fans got to know him when the two of them were on the TV show Taste of Wife in 2018.

Hello, this is Seo Yoo Jung.

I hadn’t said much because I was worried about the impact that it would have on my family. I was also scared. But I mustered up the courage to tell the truth because people would find out sooner or later. It felt only right that I reveal the news myself. I got married, had a child, and tried to keep the peace at home. But I was unable to keep my marriage together.
I split with him a while back. Making that decision had been difficult. Revealing the news of my divorce is terrifying. But I’m stepping up because I want what’s right for my angel and myself.
I had many people look after me, pray for me, and support me. I apologize to those I’ve let down with this news. It breaks my heart that I could not keep my marriage together, especially since I have a child. I would like to also apologize to my relatives.
I hid and kept the truth to myself. But it was making me a coward and leading to misunderstandings. So I’m clearing things up.
— Seo Yoo Jung

The post says that her marriage from 2017 ended “a while back,” even though it “had been hard” to make that choice.

Since the news came out, fans of K-dramas have flocked to online communities to show the actress love.

“Why should you say you’re sorry? T-T I wish her and her child the best.”

“Getting a divorce isn’t a crime. Don’t apologize. Have a good day!”

“But you’re sorry for what?”

“It’s fine to split up!”

“HUH? I can’t believe she had to say sorry for getting a divorce. Be confident! LIVE YOUR LIFE!”

“There’s no need to say sorry for a breakup…”

“Don’t apologize. Isn’t it YOUR life? I hope hurts get better and things go well.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. If the marriage doesn’t work, you can ask for a divorce. BE HAPPY PLEASE.”

“It must be so hard to be a famous person. She doesn’t have to say she’s sorry. I hope she has a good life.”

“I’m sure that getting a divorce was the best thing for you to do in that situation. Don’t say sorry about it.”

“Don’t feel bad…”


“Sorry for what…? It’s not a big deal to get a divorce.”

“Don’t feel bad, little one. Your fans always wish you the best.”

Since she updated and then deleted the Instagram post, Seo Yoo Jung hasn’t said anything else.

At the same time, her fans and even friends in the entertainment business, like Ahn Sun Young and Kim Hye Eun, wished her well.



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