Netizens Weigh In on the ‘Hole’ Left by Jinni’s Departure from NMIXX

Has Jinni left NMIXX with a hole?

Netizens are talking about NMIXX on an online community forum. They are talking about how the group is doing now and how much Jinni‘s leaving has affected them.

A netizen said that Jinni was one of the older trainees, which made it fun to see how she worked with members of TWICE, ITZY, and Stray Kids.

The netizen said that Momo, Nayeon, and Yeji talked a lot about Jinni during V Lives and that Jinni was a big part of making NMIXX who they are.

Her presence was out of this world. Even I, a “light” fan, was shocked when she left out of the blue. There must have been a lot of fans who were very sad when she left.”

They didn’t even give Jinni a chance to say goodbye to her fans one last time before she left, so it was really sad to see her go. I can’t even watch NMIXX videos anymore because they all make me miss Jinni“, the netizen said.

Different people reacted in different ways. Among them are:

“The group was weak to begin with…”

“Well, Kyujin is the dance center, Sullyoon is the visual, Haewon is in charge of variety shows, and Lily is the main singer. A lot of people talked about these four. Did Jinni have that much of an effect…? I think her jet-black hair was only mentioned once, at the end of the year show, and that was it.”

Jinni was also my favorite, but I can’t watch NMIXX now because of that.”

“The real problem is that the group isn’t very well-known as a whole…”

“All I can do is wish Jinni the best.”

“She definitely played at least two different people”

“I’d say she left a big hole because NMIXX was still a young rookie group and the company just made someone leave out of the blue, so now the rest of the group is lost.”

“The effect is definitely big”

“I thought Jinni was the most likeable 4th generation female idol, and I was waiting for her popularity to grow.”

So, what do you think?



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