“Single’s Inferno 2” Kim Jin Young Gives His Honest Opinion on Joining K-Pop’s Big Three Companies SM, YG, or JYP

Kim Jin Young is a member of kTHD studio right now (known as Kick the Hurdle Studio). Jin Young, who used to be a ROKN UDT/SEAl, is now known as DEX on YouTube, where he makes videos.

Later, he signed with kTHD studio, where he joined other people who make content about the military or bodybuilding.

Jin Young‘s popularity went through the roof after he was on Single’s Inferno 2, where he became a hit with both the contestants and the viewers almost right away.

Jin Young had to turn down an offer to be on Netflix‘s other hit show, Physical: 100, in order to be in Single’s Inferno 2. He could have been on the show with Agent H, who is a fan favorite contestant.

Jin Young surprised netizens when he showed up in the upcoming Netflix show Zombieverse. This was thanks to his support from kTHD studio and his sudden rise in popularity.

Jin Young‘s popularity is likely to keep growing as long as he keeps showing off his skills, charms, and looks in exciting new content.

Jin Young told Agent H in a recent interview that he doesn’t really have anything bad to say about kthd studio because they let him post Instagram photos whenever he wants.

Even though Agent H jokes right away, he sometimes feels the need to guide Jin Young‘s Instagram direction because it can be pretty random.

But Agent H says he likes that Jin Young hasn’t changed, even though he’s become more popular.

Even so, he asks Jin Young if he plans to leave kthd studio when their contract is up.

Jin Young agrees right away, but Agent H asks him if he would change his mind if a big entertainment company like “SM, YG, or JYP” made him an offer.

Jin Young doesn’t think he’ll sign with a big agency, though, because it would be like starting over from scratch.

Even though he would sign with another agency right away for 10 billion (about $7.91 million USD).

Jin Young jokes to a company that they should give him that money “ASAP.Jin Young seems very happy at kTHD studio, and she is already getting great show offers, which you can learn more about here.



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