SEVENTEEN’s DK And Joshua Touches Fans’ Hearts With Their Kind Actions Towards NewJeans at the “37th Golden Disc Awards”

One of the first big award shows for K-Pop idols in 2023 was the “37th Golden Disc Awards“. J-Hope from BTS, TREASURE, LE SSERAFIM, Stray Kids, (G)-IDLE, IVE, and many more stars were at the show.

One of the many winners that night was the new group NewJeans, whose single “Attention” won the award for “Best Digital Song (Bonsang).

The win was a special moment for the group and their fans, but there was also a funny thing that happened with DK and Joshua from SEVENTEEN at the same time.

DK and Joshua were in the foreground when the award winner was announced and the live broadcast cut to a shot of the members of NewJeans.

The two wanted to give their favorite junior group a standing ovation, but they had to get back to their seats quickly.

One Netizen said, “When NewJeans won, DK tried to give them a standing ovation, but he quickly sat back down so he wouldn’t block the camera. That’s so f*cking cute and polite.”

The video of the moment quickly went viral, and people on the internet praised DK and Joshua for how kind and gentlemanly they were, but also laughed at their facial expressions and sharp responses.

In just three hours, the video was watched more than 200,000 times.

Even during an award show, the members of SEVENTEEN were aware of their surroundings. This shows that they are the most professional people in the world!



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