LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha impresses with her professionalism despite stage malfunction on live performance

During LE SSERAFIM‘s performance at the “2022 Melon Music Awards,” Kazuha showed how professional and quick-thinking she was by playing down a technical error on stage.

At first, she was going to use a flamethrower gun as one of the “killing points” of the special performance.

During the live performance, the fire gun did not work correctly because of a problem.

But Kazuha didn’t show any signs that something was wrong! Many fans thought the gun was just a stage prop because they didn’t know it was a flame thrower.

She kept going strong and ended with so much confidence that many people didn’t even know the gun was supposed to fire.

When she got off stage, she told everyone right away how disappointed she was. Even so, she knows she did her best right up to the end.

She even asked fans to change it if they wanted to. FEARNOT, add the flames with CG,Kazuha said.

In the end, she stayed upbeat because she liked a lot of other things about the performance. Because Kazuha was so professional, it looked like there was no technical error.

Check out the full video below.



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